Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Saucony Comeback???

Saucony seems to be attempting a rather valiant comeback with their most recent offerings including collabs withe A.R.C. (Alife Rivington Club) and David Z.

A.R.C. x Saucony Shadow 6000 Pack

Saucony x David Z Run Away Pack

-my thoughts-

collabs are good business for ANY brand

i gotta mention ive been rockin breakin necks in MY Saucony's for about 9 months now...(not bragging jus sayin)

the A.R.C. Pack is reminicent of good ole 991s

-thats all i got rite now-


1 comment:

lipstic.KILLER said...

i'm still cant get it w. saucony .
no matter who they colab w.

i've seen some pretty weird alife colabs and this is one of them .