Wednesday, June 25, 2008

black entertainment .

the B.E.T. awards graced my idiot box a couple of days ago .&&. to say the least i was quite IMPRESSED
kinda sorta in a way .
i didnt care who they gave the awards to tho .
it doesnt really count to get a BET award yet .
the performance went really well on the other hand.!!
i enjoyed watching Chris B. & NEYO & Rihanna & Alicia Keys & Wayne & T-Pain & Yeezy .
practically the whole show . even Al Green & Maxwell made me smile w. their randomness .
made me smile .
B.E.T. needs to find a way or make a way .
there are tons of young black talented people out here
who need to let out their dreams . B.E.T. is one of the ways .

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