Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gators .

the people at lacoste are celebrating their 75th anniversary && w. all the celebrating & stuff && happy times they came up w. something called the STEALTH PACK .

the pack comes w. 5 differenct shoes
which are all black && silver .
my 2 favorites are ::
come on guys !! make me smile && get some kiicks .!
kissing the game goodbye


Stryde!!! said...

those boat shoes r DOPE and as im currently in the market for sum i think ill b makin u smile pretty soon lol (its kinda sad im the only one commenting on our blog its kinda like laughing at our own jokes)

lipstic.KILLER said...

somone has to comment .
if we dont support each other then no one will support us !

comment at every blog you read & add removedBYrequest to the end !!
someone is bound to come read ! lol