Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dark Knight .

i got to see Batman last night && i must say I am quite disappointed .
utterly disappointed .
i've never been a big fan of batman, I'm more of a spiderman type of girl but I had high expectations for this movie. The previews were great, the hype was out of this world but once I sat down to enjoy the movie I immediately became bored .
I do have some favorite parts in the movie :: like batman's motorcycle , the joker , & 2 FACE .
but other than that the movie had me a little lost & cold & impatient.
i couldnt follow the plot
the characters were all old & ugly !
batman had a weird voice . lol .
&& i love that the girl in the movie died ! she was a cheater anyway, sleeping w. batman & his bestie . thats all wrong . lol . but until the next great movie .